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Our golfers are very important to us and we love seeing you excel and reaching your golf dreams. It doesn't matter if you want to find the fairway more often, if you want to sink more putts or if you want to experience the thrill of hitting better approach shots, it's all about the journey, and we want to hear about the milestones on each of your individual golf journeys!

can’t thank my existing students, as well as all my new students, enough for getting on board with my virtual golfing tips and lessons. My favourite thing about doing virtual lessons is the fact ... See more
Well done to Pat Power, who was one of the first people to approach me for online lessons. We started working together in isolation. In the last week, he won a Club Competition and has had 40 ... See more
It certainly isn’t easy learning a new skills, so I am grateful to be able to inject a little confidence and self belief into beginner's golf.
Shout out to Marie Elidas for having an amazing 46 points today in the Ladies Competition, taking 1st by a country mile.
See Vincent's improvements after just one lesson. He is now ready to conquer any bunker.
Join me in congratulating Judy Savill for getting an unbelievable 47 pts. I have had the pleasure of working with Judy, on a regular basis, since my very first day coaching at Surfers Paradise.
Jeff was ready to give up, but after a successful lesson, he shot his personal best and broke 80 off the stick in Sunday’s Competition. Well Done Jeff, we are so proud of you.
Cam has lost 7 shots off his handicap in just 3 lessons over a 3-week period. Throughout the lessons, Cam has been able to better understand his game, boost his confidence on the course, and sharpen ... See more

It's Harding...Keith Harding

December’s Callaway Student of the Month has to go to Mr Keith Harding for loosing 7 shots off his handicap since we have been working together.

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